Order PRINT Books

by credit card or purchase order

Hard-copy print books for use at home or in the classroom can be purchased in sets or as individual titles.

For purchase order information, click here:

Price List (for print books)*

  • Full 24-Book Set: $99.90
  • Prep 6-Book Sets: $33.90
  • Year 1, 9-Book Sets: $49.90
  • Year 2, 9 books Sets: $49.90
  • Individual Titles: $6.49

* All prices include GST and postage within Australia

To buy Millie the Mathematician Early Readers with a purchase order:

  1. Email your school purchase order, with purchase number, to milliethemathematician@griffith.edu.au
  2. An invoice which can be paid by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) will be emailed to you
  3. Your order will be dispatched to you promptly, and will include a hard copy of the invoice.
  4. If you order one or more full sets of 24 titles, links to the complimentary digital resources will be emailed to you soon after dispatch of the books
  5. The following information may be needed for your purchase order:
    Organisation: Griffith University

Address: Parklands Drive, Southport, Queensland, 4215

ABN: 78 106 094 461

Contact person: Anita Hazell

Download e-Books

to iPad

Electronic books can be downloaded to your iPad from the Apple iBooks Store. Click on the link below or search ‘Millie the Mathematician’ within iBooks.


Price List (for e-books)

  • Full 24-Book Set: $14.99
  • Prep 6-Book Sets: $5.99
  • Year 1, 9-Book Sets: $8.99
  • Year 2, 9-Book Sets: $8.99
  • Individual titles: $1.99